VITA Profiling®

For better team communication - simply, quickly and effectively. Nobody else has our diagnostic tool, VITA Profiling because we developed this exclusively and specifically to meet the needs of agribusiness owners and managers.

Have you ever had a conversation and wondered why it went so badly? Or enjoyed a conversation that just seemed to flow with ease? Have you recruited someone into your team who appeared to have all the credentials you needed but turned out to be a disaster?

We all have a preferred style that provides clues to how we’re likely to behave, react and communicate with others. It can also provide a highly effective indicator of our likely ‘natural strengths’ – vital if you are recruiting for a specific role.

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The VITA Profiling® system is a simple, quick and effective tool to establish the behavioural and communication preferences for you and your team.

There are many psychometric tools and personality profiling systems, all based, like VITA Profiling®, on sound, scientific principles.

However, what sets VITA Profiling® apart from these established systems is what it DOESN’T try to do.

Most busy and hard working managers and leaders, or those managing recruitment, simply don’t have the time to read through pages of deep psychological differences for every member of their team – or to invest significantly in profiles for those that may never work in their organisation.

This is where the VITA Profiling® system comes to the rescue, offering a cost-effective and highly effective alternative to traditional psychometric tools.

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How does it work?

A simple online questionnaire, with 10 sets of words that are ranked in preference order, produces a single page report that provides:-

  • Overview – a brief description of the likely characteristics of the person who has completed the questionnaire.
  • Team Dynamics – how they will fit into a team and work with others.
  • Working Environment – a description of the working environment that
    will suit them best.
  • Communication Style – an explanation of their preferences for how they
    wish to receive and give information.

Benefits of using VITA Profiling®

Using VITA Profiling in your business will quickly improve results, maximise efficiency, reduce conflict and build a stronger team culture. It can also ensure you recruit the right person into your team.

> Is it accurate?

Most tools of this nature are based on computer algorithms with standard text responses which rarely produce a highly accurate profile.

Every VITA Profile® we produce is carefully reviewed to pick out the nuances and specific combinations of characteristics in every set of responses to the questionnaire. This produces profiles that our clients tell us are 95%/98% accurate.

Your VITA Profile® will be unique to you and whilst you’ll be able to spot similarities and differences with others, you’ll have a clear understanding of why you find it easy to communicate with some people and struggle with others.

> Who is it for?

If you’re looking for a highly detailed psychometric report that will review your behaviour from every angle and in every circumstance, then VITA Profiling® won’t suit you. If however, you need to quickly understand your own preferred communication and behavioural style or that of your team, potential employee or your client, then VITA Profiling® is perfect for your needs. It doesn’t matter what market you operate in, the size of scale of your business or even if you simply want to understand your partner, VITA Profiling®  is a great solution.

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The VITA Profiling® report is based around four character types

The Visionary (V):
is Bold and Assertive

Visionaries are future focused, decisive, results orientated, driven and confident.  Get to the point quickly and stick to the facts when talking to them.

The Investigator (I):
is Logical and Organised

Investigators are orderly individuals that prefer to reflect and think things through.  Be clear, calm and patient to get the best results from them.

The Team Maker (T):
is Supportive and Caring

Team Makers are caring, considerate and often the glue that hold teams together.  Be warm, friendly and interested to get the best from them.

The Adventurer (A):
is Enthusiastic and Imaginative

Adventurers look to the future with optimism, inspiring others with ideas and acceptance of change.  Avoid approaching them with too much detail and do give them freedom to create and contribute ideas.

In reality, we all have a little bit of each character within our own personality but we will tend to lead with one or more of the characters.

This is what the world sees and by being aware of our lead character(s) we are able to adjust and flex our style according to the person we are engaging in conversation.

The tool examines your preferences to develop a picture of your communication and behavioural style. It’s important that the VITA Profile® isn’t used as a “label” or an excuse for our behaviour. It simply helps us identify how we may be different to others and helps us flex and adapt our style when we are required to do so.

Successful clients say

I can’t believe how accurately the VITA profile reflected who I am and how I work. It’s helped me understand how to work more effectively with my colleagues too

James MajorHole Farm

Our family and our farm team all now work together more happily since we carried out the Team Dynamics workshop. We understand our differences and similarities too and how this helps us be more patient with each other.

Charlotte WestStocken Farm

Knowing our VITA profiles has helped us to reduce conflict between a couple of members of staff who are now working together far more effectively. We’ve also used profiling in recruitment too.

Mike KingP E King Ltd

VITA is such an easy system to understand. Even the most sceptical members of my team enjoyed the workshop and now we can manage and lead our team more effectively.

Ben AtkinsonGrange Farm

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