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The Leen

The Leen is part of a progressive family business, consisting of a conventional Autumn block dairy farm, a large broiler chickens enterprise and an anaerobic digester. Chris and Rich Norman also have interests in a further two dairy units. At the Leen Farm, they house 600 cows and employ 10 full time staff and a number of part-time employees, Real Success has been working with the business since 2016.

The Situation

Some tension existed around the dairy team and it was considered that the existing Herd Manager was very strong technically, but lacking in some management and leadership skills. The management team across the business units were also slightly disconnected from each other.

The Task

To help all the farm staff understand each other and to improve communication amongst each team and across the business. To coach and mentor the Herd Manager to develop leadership skills.


  • Team Dynamics workshops where each member of the team understood their own personality style and how this effects their communication preferences.
  • Implementation of full annual review process where staff sit down with managers and/or the business owner to discuss performance issues.
  • Recruitment of staff for the dairy unit.
  • Coaching and Mentoring of Herd Manager.
  • 360 degree feedback process for Chris and Rich Norman

The Result

  • Improved communication and understanding amongst the dairy team.
  • Increased motivation, focus and leadership skills from the Herd
  • Manager and his team
  • Regular management meetings set up
  • Winner of the RABDF Gold Cup 2017

What the client said

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