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“I never expected the Team Dynamics sessions and VITA profiling that we conducted initially just with the Directors, to have such a positive impact on our practice. Our staff, who have diverse roles and working styles, now have a better understanding of each other, which has helped them to work more efficiently and effectively. As a result, we have incorporated these workshops into our regular training for new staff.”

Jo Masters, Operations Director

Synergy Farm Health

Synergy Farm Health delivers quality clinical services to farmers and extends to research, education and consultancy. They believe the provision of forward thinking and proactive veterinary advice helps maximise animal health and welfare on farms, regardless of their size.

Based in Dorset, Synergy Farm Health is a fiercely independent veterinary practice for Livestock Farmers in the South West.

The Situation

REAL Success first worked with the team in 2019 when the business and team was growing rapidly.  The practice manager contacted us to assist with building a team culture amongst different parts of the business from the finance team to the on farm Vet team.  Whilst conflict wasn’t a major issue, they were looking to strengthen relationships through a deep understanding of each other, improve productivity and build loyalty.

The Task

Initially, the Directors of the Practice wanted to establish if some personality profiling could help them identify their differences and build on their strengths.  If it were seen to help the senior team, they would roll out a programme of workshops with the entire staff.

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  • The directors attended a series of Team Dynamics Workshops which were then followed by workshops for the entire staff team
  • Once individual styles were understood, the team considered how they needed to flex their style to gain maximum benefit from their on farm relationships.

The Result

  • Each member of staff received details of all the team’s VITA personality profiles. This can be used as a common reference point when misunderstandings or frustrations occur. Both managers and staff are able to flex their communication styles based on who they are working with on a particular day. This has hugely reduced tensions and improved effective working practices and team morale.
  • The on farm team are now able to identify the possible VITA Profile of their farming clients. This enables them to flex their approach, communication and behaviour to build rapport and maximise understanding between vet and farmer.
  • Synergy Farm Health runs Team Dynamics sessions annually to ensure all new staff are profiled.  Morale is improved, team culture is consistently maintained and staff retention improved.

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