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“From the start, James developed a good understanding of the farm and what calibre of staff we needed. Throughout the process, James communicated regularly with the team, responded to calls & emails quickly and attentively. He showed tenacity even when the market was getting tough and we were let down by some candidates.”

Mark Lovatt, Owner

E A Lovatt & Sons

Oak Lodge Farm are a family-owned mixed dairy farm in south Leicestershire. Milking 200 high-yielding Holsteins on a new Lely set-up, which is supplied to TSDG via Arla. The farm is 700 acres including mixed grassland and an arable operation alongside the dairy.

The Situation

Mark Lovatt came to James through a recommendation from his Farm Consultant, due to changes on his farm, Mark was looking for a new Herd Manager & Arable Tractor Driver. Due to the current situation on the farm, we decided to recruit for the Herd Manager role first as this was the most important and complete the Arable role second.

The Task

Our recruitment manager James visited Mark on Farm in Leicester. Mark was then able to show James the farm, all the elements of his business, his future plans for the farm and outline the exact person he was looking for. Having all the information required, James was then able to build a detailed job advert and get the recruitment process started.

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  • Job description and advert created, which was then posted on Indeed.
  • Social Media posts created and distributed across different platforms.
  • James screened, phoned and reference-checked all applicants.
  • Candidates sent over to Mark with details & CV’s
  • Mark informed James of the candidate he would like to interview and James set up Zoom interviews for these candidates. James attended these interviews to give his thoughts and feedback.
  • These candidates were then sent Vita profiles, which helps us understand how they like to work and be managed.
  • These candidates then attended on farm interviews, with one candidate then being offered the role.
  • James then sent a contract of employment to the candidate which was signed and sent to Mark.
  • This candidate became the new Herd Manager and the same process started again for the Arable Tractor Driver role. This was a tough recruitment due to different circumstances, but Mark trusted the process and kept communicating with James, meaning we were able to successfully complete the second recruitment.
  • Throughout the recruitment process, constant communication was kept between Mark and James, to ensure the smoothest process.

The Result

  • The overall result was that two candidates were hired successfully for Marks’s business.
  • James has now offered to visit Mark on the farm whenever needed and help the new team members settle in well, utilising our Vita Profiling tool.

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