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Success Stories

Here you will find a selection of our recent success stories. If you’d like to know more about how we’ve helped our clients or how we could help you, call us on 0121 745 2302.

Benefits of working with us

Managing your workload is a challenge. Wake, work, eat, sleep, repeat 7 days a week. We know how much you do on your farm – it is amazing what you get through.

Yet your biggest challenge is people management. Whether that is caused by a member of your family, an individual in your team or the whole dynamic. People problems are always the hardest ones to solve. So whether you’re finding it hard to recruit staff or worried about whether anyone will succeed you. Don’t struggle alone.

> Save time, reduce staff turnover and boost productivity

When working with us, clients say they save time and reduce staff turnover, which lowers their costs and stress levels. Business performance goes up too, through improved yields because when farmers are working in harmony with their teams they’re more likely to be calm and patient.

> Better meat, more milk and higher yields

Anxiety and stress in farmers leads to anxiety and stress in cows. It is a fact. Researchers at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute have identified a clear link between the behaviour of farmers and their cows. Leading to better meat and more milk.–fisheries- animal-welfare-cows/happy-farmer-happy-cow/1407800

> Our clients tell us we make a big difference

We know we make a big difference to the lives of farmers, their families and their teams – because they tell us. And we especially appreciate it when they acknowledge our contribution when winning important industry awards.

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