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REAL Success has evolved

When Paul Harris delivered his first workshop to a farming client in 2013, little did he know that agriculture would become the main focus of his business for the next 10 years. He quickly discovered huge gaps in people management skills within the sector and through recommendation and demand, focussed on helping the dairy sector improve its understanding of people, through the unique VITA profiling system and teaching new skills in effective recruitment, development and retention of staff.

During this time, the industry has travelled through Brexit, the Covid 19 pandemic and huge changes to the availability of labour to the sector. At the same time, REAL Success has adapted and developed its services to meet the needs of farm owners and leaders. Now in 2022, in direct response to the challenges facing the agriculture sector, REAL Success has invested in new technology, new services and new people to offer support to farmers across the UK and beyond. From online courses, in-person workshops, recruitment support, succession planning and a full HR service, REAL Success is ready to support farmers navigate through the challenges that they face regarding their staffing needs.

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So, what's new at REAL Success?

New Team

Over the past few years, we have expanded both our operations team and our team of specialist delivery partners.

To meet the growing demands for our services, we now have REAL Success Partners located across the country with more waiting in the wings to join us as the business continues to expand. Find out a little bit more about our partners here.

To support you and our growing organisation, our Operations Team now includes our Operations Manager, Jess Barton, a Marketing Manager, an HR Advisor, a Partner Development Manager, a Technical Manager and a Non-Exec Chair.

New Services

In addition to our recruitment support, HR & legal advice, Team Dynamics workshop, VITA Profiling® tool and facilitated personal reviews we have added new services to our offering, to help you develop yourself and your team.

Our new services include online training courses, Leadership Training and our Priority Support Service, which gives you fast, high-priority access 24/7 to our experts. This means you can call us at any time, ask us questions, seek advice or request support.

New Brand Identity

We are not a big corporate and wanted our brand to be more reflective of our industry, people and personality.

Recruit, Engage, Align and Lead are the four simple steps to effective people management and motivation to achieve outstanding team performance. The initial letters of the words, R-E-A-L, form our name and lead to your success.

New Website

We have redesigned our website to make it easier to access information on our services, download our bank of free resources and get in touch with the REAL Success team for and help and advice.

The site also includes our latest articles, providing tips on recruitment and people development and case studies from some of our recent projects.

REAL Success | People Management Solutions | Website

Paul Harris, Founder and CEO of REAL Success and author of a White Paper addressing the labour shortages in the Dairy Sector, states “We are passionate about people and farming. We understand the difficulties facing the sector and are ready to help farmers with our team of partners across the country. Farming is an incredible industry that can be a career of choice and seen as a valuable and treasured part of our society. We look forward to helping more progressive farmers to reduce their stress, improve their teams and be part of a successful future.”