Paul Harris Vita Profiling

The Architect of VITA Profiling®

The VITA Profiling system is a simple, quick and effective method to establish the behavioural and communication preferences for you and your team.

After becoming qualified and certified in many psychometric and personality profiling systems, Paul was frustrated with the more sophisticated and expensive systems that claimed to be ‘more accurate.

As most managers and leaders don’t have time to read the long reports created, he decided to design something equally effective, yet simpler and more useful.

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Successful clients say

I can’t believe how accurately the VITA profile reflected who I am and how I work. It’s helped me understand how to work more effectively with my colleagues too.

James MajorHole Farm

Our family and our farm team all now work together more happily since we carried out the Team Dynamics workshop. We understand our differences and similarities too and how this helps us be more patient with each other.

Charlotte WestStocken Farm

Knowing our VITA profiles has helped us to reduce conflict between a couple of members of staff who are now working together far more effectively. We’ve also used profiling in recruitment too.

Mike KingP E King Ltd