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Paul’s faith and the development of Real Success have grown hand in hand since 2015.

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It may seem unusual to have a page on a business website about ‘Faith’ but Paul’s journey of faith is an integral part of his values and those of Real Success. Whilst the mission of Real Success is never to push religion, beliefs or (in particular) any form of doctrine onto others, Paul became a born again Christian on December 3rd 2017, being baptised at Renewal Christian Centre in Solihull. Paul’s journey back to his faith is long and he has a testimony which has formed the basis of his book “The Man with Scarlet Socks” which was published in March 2020.

Paul’s faith and the development of Real Success have grown hand in hand and Paul started a Christian Business Networking group in 2015 called “Divine Business Network” to support Christian business owners and leaders to take more of their faith into their businesses – not to convert people to Christianity but to live their faith in a very real way through their work.

You can find out more about Renewal church by clicking here. You can find information about the Divine Business Network by clicking here. Paul is very happy to talk to you about his faith journey should you feel you need any support or simply if you are curious!

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What people are saying about Divine Business Network

It’s so refreshing to be with other Christian business owners and leaders. My faith is something that I haven’t talked about at work before. What Paul has put together here is so simple yet so powerful.

A very different sort of networking event. There are dozens of events that will provide business advice and referrals but none that embrace the Christian principles in business. Brilliant!

I’ve made so many great connections – and genuine business is being done. This isn’t forced or false either – I’m meeting people who are coming from the same place as me – and that’s why I want to work with them.