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Homer Farming

David and Jane Homer farm over three dairy units near Marlborough, Wiltshire. Supported by their two sons, their daughter and David’s brother, this is a genuine family business that also has full and part time staff. With a Waitrose contract, animal welfare is high on their agenda alongside producing quality milk through their high input system. Real Success has been working with the business since 2016.

The Situation

As a family business, with key staff outside of the family, they were keen to  nderstand each other more deeply and to discover how best to work together. They were also keen to understand the personal ambitions of family members.

The Task

To help all the family understand each other more deeply and in particular, to uncover their natural strengths and weaknesses ensuring that a robust succession plan is put in place.


  • Team Dynamics workshops where each member of the team understood their own personality style and how this effects their communication preferences.
  • Implementation of full annual review process for all staff – including each family member, to ensure that deep conversations took place and future direction of the business is clearly understood.
  • Development of staff handbook and farm manual, including various procedures and policies.

The Result

  • Improved communication and deeper understanding amongst the family around skills, ambitions and the succession plan.
  • Re-shaping of dairy staff through improved recruitment processes.
  • Regular annual reviews resulting in improved motivation and clear development plans for all staff.
  • Robust policies and procedures that project a forward thinking and progressive business.

What the client said

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