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Have you got the magic formula in your business?

One the hardest aspects of business to master is how to keep your best people.  But the secret to keeping your best people lies in this magic formula:-

The first three letter form the foundation;  Do they have the Skills and Knowledge to do their roles effectively and the right Attitude that enables them to work effectively with others?  However, the multiplying factor is are they ALIGNED to what you are trying to achieve?

An example we hear all to often is  “she can do the job effectively and she’s positive around the business, helping others and working in a team, but she doesn’t believe that what we’re trying to achieve is right.  She keeps trying to change things or do things in a way that aren’t in line with our values.  It’s a real shame…”

Alignment is the most powerful aspect of getting the best Performance (P) from your team and without it, your business will be disjointed and pulling in different directions.

Shared values and vision, delegating responsibility, distributing profits and being prepared to engage with your staff, are all examples of how to gain alignment.  Above all though, is the willingness to communicate effectively in a way that works for each member of the team.  And this is will be the subject of another post soon…

Real Success Ltd help businesses to recruit, keep and develop their staff through adding science and practice into the art of managing people.  Working across many industries including the agricultural sector (where our work is recognised as thought leadership) and especially within family owned business, Paul Harris is determined to raise the profile of people management to equal status with the financial, technical and operational elements of a business.  You can contact Paul on 07895-264916 or email:

We take the headache out of staff management and development