Personal Reviews in Agriculture

Facilitated Personal Reviews

Build the skills, morale and performance of your team.

Do you sit down once a year (minimum) and ask your staff how they feel things are going? Do you take the time to give constructive feedback to enable your team to grow their skills and confidence?

REAL Success | Personal Development for Farmers | Facilitated Personal Reviews
REAL Success | Facilitated Personal Reviews

The annual review process is often dismissed as a waste of time by both staff and employers after years of poorly constructed and bad delivered processes. Most staff assume this is the time that they will be given all the negative feedback from a years work and very little encouragement to improve.

Our Facilitated Personal Review process ensures that you build the skills, morale and performance of your team whilst still addressing performance and development issues. Our Real Success Partners are trained to facilitate the review process using our simple system of questions and feedback. It’s a 360 degree process where your employee gets the chance to provide feedback to you as well as you providing them with useful feedback and direction. It’s a positive experience for all parties and one of our most popular services.

Successful clients say

We’ve recently carried out our first set of facilitated personal reviews and Emma did a brilliant job. I was amazed how honest the staff were with us and it enabled us to be honest with them. It’s really helped the team and the business.

David CravenGrosvenor farms

I was sceptical when we agreed to run the review process and worried that staff would rebel against the process. I was wrong. It’s been one of the best decisions we took and now is part of our calendar.

Tom FootLonglands Farm

We’ve carried out reviews with Paul for 3 years now and introduced a Polish interpreter too. With a big team it takes commitment but every year we find out something new that we need to improve, and our staff now look forward to the process – including our overseas workers.

Louisa DaviesLudchurch Farm

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