Managing Farm Staff

Effective People Development

Developing the people management skills of your managers and leaders

Labour is one of the key areas of focus for every farming business. This requires skilled people managers who can lead, manage and motivate your team whilst maintaining high levels of performance.

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The ‘Effective People Manager’ programme delivers a range of on farm workshops and training in essential people management skills providing greater confidence and skill in managing staff, handling difficult situations, managing change, and learning to communicate effectively.

It has been proven to Improve efficiency, increase morale, deepen motivation, and reduce staff turnover. Investment in training consistently builds loyalty.

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Successful clients say

Because personality and behavioural traits are discussed in a group environment everyone can now recognise and is aware of it. The best example is it has made our team conscious that you need to own a problem rather than just moaning about something! As agriculture is playing catch up with other industries and farmers are becoming more professional managing staff, this course is a great start to people’s personal development plans along with improving the performance of everyone in our business – including the family who own the business!!

Matt PilkingtonOwner, Pilkington Farm

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