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Down to Earth - what's this got to do with staff?

One of the most important aspects of farming is addressing the future. The Down to Earth shows in the North and South of England in June and July 2023 discussed the sustainability of British agriculture through speakers and talks supported by various consultants and suppliers to the industry.

So why is REAL Success supporting these shows by taking a stand space?

The farming industry’s long-term sustainability depends on several factors. One of the biggest threats to farms is the challenge of finding enough personnel to manage their day-to-day operations. While addressing environmental concerns is crucial, having a strong plan to ensure a steady workforce is essential for farms to survive for future generations.

People are the centre

Paul Harris, Founder and CEO of REAL Success, suggests that attending shows like Down to Earth is vital to remind the industry that they must include a people element in their sustainability strategy. “There’s no point in being progressive about your land if you have no one to work on it,” says Paul.  “We’re here to keep the people aspect of farming on everybody’s agenda, and we want to support farmers attending these shows with the challenges that recruiting and retaining staff can be for them.”

Becky Miles and Kate Harris are the REAL Success Partners that cover the South and South West of England (essentially anywhere south of the M4 Corridor!), and they both attended the Down to Earth South event, where they met and chatted with a large number of farmers about their frustrations in trying to find quality staff.  James Harris – Recruitment Manager for REAL Success, was also attending and was able to outline some simple ways that farmers can make their farms more attractive to prospective candidates. Many individuals, especially those from outside the industry, are drawn to the progressive ideas of sustainability and regenerative agriculture that our industry promotes. These concepts have gained much attention and interest from potential employees.

Paul and James will both be at the Down to Earth North event, so do come along and chat with them about your recruitment or staff development needs.

Contact details

If you’re keen to get some help with your staff sustainability – here are some numbers to call:-

South West England (Devon & Cornwall, South Somerset) – Kate Harris 07811 348824

Southern England (Somerset, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Gloucestershire, Dorset, Berkshire) – Becky Miles 07984 293847

North England, Cheshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Lancashire, Cumbria, Scotland – Emma Shaw – 07786 156256

REAL Success also has Partners covering the rest of the UK – please get in touch at 0121-745-2302 for details.