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Cope Farming


Cope Farming is a family-run high input/high output modern dairy unit in Market Drayton with the aim of producing quality efficient milk at the highest of standards. Their herd of over 1100 Holsteins is milked three times a day through a 60-point rotary parlour. They have a purpose-built transition facility to maximise cow welfare and output which also gives their calves the best start in life.

The situation

Steve Cope, the Farm Owner approached Real Success looking for some support with his current team. One of our Partners Emma Shaw started to work closely with Steve to identify the areas Steve wanted to work on with his team and one of the main areas was a new Herd Manager to work with Steve. Steve is passionate about making a positive change within his team, creating a more positive and sustainable working environment. This is something Real Success were thrilled to support with.

The task

James reached out to Steve, having some important phone calls and building an early relationship. They worked together for some time to truly understand what this role would be and to ensure the recruitment was started at the right time. After agreeing on the right approach, all the details required for the Herd Manager role were shared with James and the recruitment process could start.


  • Job description and advert created, which was then posted on Indeed.
  • Unique Social Media posts created and distributed across different platforms and groups.
  • James & Harrison screened, phoned and reference checked all applicants. James also contacted consultants and contacts he thought could support the search.
  • Candidates shortlist was sent over to Steve for review.
  • These candidates were then sent Vita profiles, which helps us understand how they like to work and be managed.
  • Steve informed James of the candidates he would like to interview, and they were invited to see the farm and the team.
  • After different interviews, a candidate was offered the role. After some next steps were completed, this candidate decided to pull out of the job. This means James & Harrison needed to restart the search, they were able to swiftly find more suitable candidates with the support of Steve.
  • A candidate was interviewed again and offered the role. A detailed job offer letter and contract of employment was then created and signed by the candidate.
  • The candidate started with Cope Farming and James was able to receive great feedback from Steve. Due to different scenarios, it was a tough recruitment process, but James and Steve kept in constant communication and remained resilient.


  • A promising candidate was hired for Cope Farming which allowed Steve to gain some valuable support for his business and implement the positive changes he wanted to make.
  • Steve will still be experiencing support from Emma and James has offered his support whenever it is needed again due to them creating a long lasting relationship.

“Joe has settled in very well, supporting the team with moving the farm forward. REAL Success has had a huge impact on our business and continues to aid us in developing the new ways of working in our business.”

Cope Farming

For recruitment support and advice, contact James at REAL Success Ltd.