About REAL Success

We’re a “people life-cycle” business providing recruitment services and people development support, primarily to the Agriculture sector in the UK.

REAL Success focuses entirely on recruiting, developing, and retaining people. Our offerings include a comprehensive staff recruitment service, practical HR and employment advice, succession planning, team development, and leadership and management training.

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REAL Success | Facilitated Personal Reviews

Our mission is to influence and inspire business leaders and employees working in the agri-sector to improve their people management skills creating a more attractive, effective and sustainable industry in which to work.

We provide simple, cost effective, easy to implement tools and methods to quickly educate leaders, making their businesses more attractive to prospective employees, whilst retaining their existing staff for longer.

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Our core values reflect our approach to our clients, our suppliers and ourselves. They act as a compass that drives our decision making and approach. Fiercely authentic, our values are not just words or phrases but a philosophy of how our business and our relationships should work.

Think Simply

We develop simple solutions that are easy to understand, quick to implement and effective in their impact. We avoid jargon, acronyms and complicated models in our training and use simple language.

Act Bravely

We are prepared to challenge the status quo and ready to offer innovative solutions to well-established norms and challenges faced by our clients. We think outside the box and are prepared to enter difficult and awkward situations with candor and sensitivity.


We speak honestly and clearly to our clients and each other. We are explicit about our capabilities and do not mislead or offer solutions we cannot deliver. We are authentic and open in all our relationships.

Successful clients say

We’ve recently carried out our first set of facilitated personal reviews and Emma did a brilliant job. I was amazed how honest the staff were with us and it enabled us to be honest with them. It’s really helped the team and the business.

David CravenGrosvenor farms

I was sceptical when we agreed to run the review process and worried that staff would rebel against the process. I was wrong. It’s been one of the best decisions we took and now is part of our calendar.

Tom FootLonglands Farm

We’ve carried out reviews with Paul for 3 years now and introduced a Polish interpreter too. With a big team it takes commitment but every year we find out something new that we need to improve, and our staff now look forward to the process – including our overseas workers.

Louisa DaviesLudchurch Farm