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5 Recruitment Tips In A Dynamic Modern World

The world of work is changing, with different expectations and challenges. Recruitment is having to adapt within agriculture alongside everything else that is changing with recruiting the right staff or your business being more demanding than ever. Here are 5 top tips for a successful recruitment.

  1. Exciting and genuine development and progression opportunities

When recruiting for our clients, one of the most common questions candidates ask us is, “What progression and development opportunities will there be with this role?” Many candidates are no longer looking for a role that simply offers good pay and accommodation; they want a role where they can achieve their personal goals and ambitions. Candidates want a farmer to invest in their development in exchange for a commitment from them to support their business in the future.  Offering training and development gives you a considerable advantage in getting high-quality candidates.

  1. First 60 seconds

A candidate’s first impression of your farm at an interview is crucial. You are not just deciding if this candidate is right for your business; the candidate is ensuring this is a suitable farm for them to develop their career. Within the first 60 seconds of arriving on a farm, candidates will develop a view of the environment and the personnel they meet. Having a tidy farm and being approachable and genuine will put the candidate at ease, reassure them that you run an efficient business and allow a more free-flowing interview.

  1. Farm reputation

We often underestimate the power of reputation. A positive reputation within the industry can bring the best candidates to your farm, but a poor reputation can negatively affect your chances of recruiting effectively. It could be the working conditions, people management issues, or a lack of structure. As candidates talk to each other, this reputation can spread throughout the candidate community, putting this farmer at a disadvantage. We try to identify where a farm’s reputation may be in danger and inform our clients, but sometimes, this is hard to recover from. Everyone working on your farm must be feeding others positive messages. You can’t please everyone, but directly protecting your reputation is essential for a successful recruitment.

  1. Work-life balance

A sensible and flexible work-life balance has become one of the most discussed topics over the past few years. Many people seek a role that offers them the best work-life balance, including time for socialising, mental health, and recharge. This is a struggle for many farming businesses to implement due to the years of a particular way of working. But to attract exciting new candidates to your roles, you must aim to offer a sensible work-life balance. We have seen many farming businesses create more sociable working hours and patterns, improving their likelihood of attracting candidates and improving team morale, animal welfare and bottom line through lower staff turnover.

  1. Understanding the current candidate market

The market for farming candidates changes over the year, so timing can be critical to a successful recruitment. We’ve seen peaks in demand for roles in January, February, April, May, August and September, whilst the summer months and December can often be far slower.  Successful recruitment also takes time, patience and persistence. Hiring the first person you see can lead to significant difficulties when the person turns out to be a poor fit for your business or has a lower skill level than expected. So see people more than once (a formal interview and a trial are critical), contact different references, complete license checks, and ensure you understand their personality style.


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