Building harmonious high performance teams for progressive farmers seeking sustainable futures

Secure your future by investing in your team

Your team is your most valuable asset and to build a harmonious, high performing one you’ll need support in key areas of people management.

We help you to recruit, develop and retain the right people for your business. With simple tools and processes that are quick, easy to use and effective.

Helping you to create a more sustainable future in a fast-changing world.

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your team into a better future with REAL Success

REAL Success | People Management Solutions | Paul Harris on stage

Nobody else has our expertise and focus

No other companies have the same knowledge, skills and experience or the unrelenting focus on people in agribusiness, like we do.

> The VITA Profiling® people behavioural tool is unique to us

For better team communication – simply, quickly and effectively. Nobody else has our diagnostic tool because we have developed this exclusively and specifically to meet the needs of agribusiness.

> Our company is built around you

To eliminate the things that frustrate you about managing people. Making your life a bit easier, giving you a bit more time back and helping you to achieve your goals.

> Deep understanding of farming

We understanding the challenges faced by farmers. Some of our partners have been farmers or have worked for AHDB and they combine this knowledge with the latest leadership and people management techniques from outside the agricultural sector.

> Industry wide recognition of our impact

This growing rapidly in the dairy industry through coverage by Farmers Weekly or The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers.

> Spread costs over 12 months with our Priority Support Service

Many clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes from paying an agreed amount each month. This then gives you priority access to our team, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with unlimited HR advice along with specific services that are tailored to you.

> Get super-fast access to our experts

24/7, 365 days a year. We’re very responsive and are always creating new ways to cut time wasters out of your working life.

> Wean yourself off us quickly

To be more successful, we want you to wean yourself off us quickly. So we transfer our knowledge and skills to you (and your team) at the pace you set. Then you learn how to manage your people better yourself and don’t have to keep coming back to us.

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Benefits of working with us

Managing your workload is a challenge. Wake, work, eat, sleep, repeat 7 days a week. We know how much you do on your farm – it is amazing what you get through.

Yet your biggest challenge is people management. Whether that is caused by a member of your family, an individual in your team or the whole dynamic. People problems are always the hardest ones to solve. So whether you’re finding it hard to recruit staff or worried about whether anyone will succeed you. Don’t struggle alone.

> Save time, reduce staff turnover and boost productivity

When working with us, clients say they save time and reduce staff turnover, which lowers their costs and stress levels. Business performance goes up too, through improved yields because when farmers are working in harmony with their teams they’re more likely to be calm and patient.

> Better meat, more milk and higher yields

Anxiety and stress in farmers leads to anxiety and stress in cows. It is a fact. Researchers at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute have identified a clear link between the behaviour of farmers and their cows. Leading to better meat and more milk.–fisheries- animal-welfare-cows/happy-farmer-happy-cow/1407800

> Our clients tell us we make a big difference

We know we make a big difference to the lives of farmers, their families and their teams – because they tell us. And we especially appreciate it when they acknowledge our contribution when winning important industry awards.

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REAL Success | People Management Solutions | Paul on farm

Successful clients say

Real Success were integral to our farm being awarded the Farmers Weekly Dairy Farm of the Year in 2016 and I’m delighted that Real Success remains part of our team of consultants and with the impact their work has made to our bottom line.

Geoff SayersCarswell Group

We’ve taken advantage of the Priority Support Service that Real Success offer and one of the key aspects that we’ve found essential is to be able to call someone who knows the law and how to avoid the pitfalls of getting employment issues wrong. The advice we get is simple, straight forward and easily understood. We’ve found it invaluable.

Austin KnowlesHollings Hill Farm

We have taken advantage of the recruitment service for our dairy farm enterprise. The additional service of profiling candidates has ensured that new recruits have fitted into our team. It’s so hard finding the right staff and working with Paul and his team makes the whole process much less demanding on us and more effective overall.

Mike KingP.E King Ltd

Why the name REAL Success?

Recruit, Engage, Align and Lead are the four simple steps to effective people management and motivation to achieve outstanding team performance. The initial letters of the words, R-E-A-L, form our name and lead to your success.

Recruit We help you find the best people for your business.
Engage We show you how to retain the best people in your business.
Align We help you grow your people so they stay longer.
Lead We show you how to motivate your people for their best performance.